I’ve been blessed with having the opportunity to know and work with some of the finest scientists in the world: Jess Brewer (Thesis supervisor – UBC), John Warren, Ken Crowe, David Williams, Allen Mills, Jr., Gabriel Aeppli (PostDoc supervisor – Bell Labs), Bertram Batlogg, Anthony Fiory, Denis McWhan, Robert Haddon, William Kossler, David Mitzi, Lynn Schneemeyer, Robert Cava, Rafael Kleiman, John Dow, Maw-Kuen Wu, and many more.  I’ve also greatly enjoyed my interactions with Phil Platzman (1st Bell Dept. Head), Phil Anderson, Peter Littlewood, Cherry Murray, Michael Schluter, Jim Smith, …

Current Principal Collaborators


High Transition-Temperature Superconductivity

  • Theoretical research into the origins of the high-TC pairing mechanism
    • Inter-reservoir Coulombic pairing theory
    • First principles derivation of the optimal transition temperature TC0
    • Identifying experimental evidence of the Coulomb potential e2/ζ (e.g., in mid-infrared reflectivity spectra)
  • Experimental / theoretical studies of the ground-state symmetry
    • Analysis of μ+SR experiments, recognizing the extrinsic effects of fluxon depinning and motion
    • Explanation of dichotomy between μ+SR and some tunneling studies

Potential Beam Facilities

  • Positron facility at Jefferson National Laboratory (JLab)
  • Muon facility at Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL)

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