I’ve been blessed with the opportunity to know and work with some of the finest scientists in the world.  Watching them expertly ply their craft is truly humbling.  

Current Principal Collaborators


High Transition-Temperature Superconductivity

  • Theoretical research into the origins of the high-TC pairing mechanism
    • Inter-reservoir Coulombic pairing theory
    • First principles derivation of the optimal transition temperature TC0
    • Identifying experimental evidence of the Coulomb potential e2/ζ (e.g., in mid-infrared reflectivity spectra)
  • Experimental / theoretical studies of the ground-state symmetry
    • Analysis of μ+SR experiments, recognizing the extrinsic effects of fluxon depinning and motion
    • Explanation of dichotomy between μ+SR and some tunneling studies

Potential Beam Facilities

  • Positron facility at Jefferson National Laboratory (JLab)
  • Muon facility at Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL)

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